Horde Strike Force was founded on February 2nd, 2008 by Strike Lord Gug on the Maelstrom realm of the World of Warcraft universe.

During the late years of the adventures of the burning Burning Crusade, devoted members of the Horde and Alliance factions encumbered in the ongoing race to defeat the Demon Lord Illidan, a new red horizon was emerging. Races from both Kalmindor and the Eastern Kingdoms emerged from the Funnel of the twisting Nether through the Dark Portal. While most protectors of the realm were busy trying to prevent the demon lord from attaining control over the dominion of Outland, an Orc by the name of Gug sought a different course of action. Embodied by unwavering determination and unique past he was looking towards other disturbing issues plaguing the lands. Due to an ever increasing threat of Alliance efforts in the various pre-Cataclysm territories of Azeroth and the lands discovered through the Twisting Nether Outland, the Orc’s initial focus was to battle the growing threats of Alliance guilds advancement. With absolution beyond contestation, the Strike Lord Gug directly consulted with the Horde leader Thrall the Shaman. It was determined with discrete consideration that the guild would serve a specialized purpose to keep in check the extreme points of view of Alliance canter and demeanor. With horde territories under siege from a growing Alliance population, the guild saw a quick influx of accelerated recruitments to go toe-to-toe with Alliance efforts. Membership counts quickly accelerated to a few hundred active members, allowing massive armies to battle out with each other over prestige and rights to neutral territory lands.

After initial battle fatigue, Gug temporary passed leadership to Warlord Murokar. During Gug’s brief absence Murokar lead the guild on various small campaigns against Alliance efforts. Murokar at this time kept a pressing effort on the various Outland territories, and one by one guild faltered. A time of quite took place, allowing both weathered factions to recovery. Eventually Gug would return retaking control of the guild and building a new eventuality of war between prominent Alliance and Horde guilds with the Horde Strike Force at the forefront.

In the meantime a great winter front from the North brought on a series of events that would alter the events to come for the guild. As the battles of Horde versus Alliance slowed down, a discovery of Arthas activities of increase scourge activity created an alarming partnership of specific Azeroth protectors called the Argent Crusade. The need of cooperation between the two dominating factions to defeat Arthas would become an obstacle, but a necessary effort in order to face the emerging Scourge threat. Both Alliance and Horde Leaders grudgingly agreed to safe havens regarding Alliance and Horde cooperation with the Argent Dawn, however the Alliance King’s rhetoric towards key Horde leaders brought unyielding stubbornness from both sides of the battlefield. The purpose of Horde Strike Force would be tested in the years to come as Horde and Alliance were at odds regarding the right course of action.


With the wrath of the Lich King literally looming overhead, the need to rally the forces of the Horde against the opposition of Alliance scaling efforts continued. As a result of the changing circumstances Strike Lord Gug decided to focus on training a strike force of Horde. The guild at this point of time took on a more serious nature, actively recruiting new members of the Horde into it’s ranks. Coordinated weekly Training Grounds brought curious onlooks into the fold of the guild's efforts. Large scale invasions on Alliance cities, especially the centerfolds of the most Alliance activity Stormwind and Ironforge. Carved into stone and written into history books, the guild won a notorious reputation of being a "zerg" guild.

It was at this time eventual Strike Lord Squeezybabe, female Troll, joined ranks of the Strike Force. At odds with the Alliance efforts, members of the guild took it upon themselves to sought out support for their Horde brethren in the dungeons and temples of prominent leaders and associated events. The guild officially would start a campaign against Arthas’s reach over Northrend by raiding important operations. The first well known target was the floating fortress Naxxramas. The floating construction in the sky was the main source of Kel'Thuzad's base of operations as he spreads the plague throughout Lordaeron, in the past. The base was moved to Northrend to aid in slowing down the Argent Dawn, Alliance, and Horde advancement into the lands. Eventually faced with the awakening of Ulduar, a city forged for the titans was awoken, proving its prevalence as a source of power. Although brief time there members of HSF continued their efforts forward.

In the meantime HSF would continue its campaign dedicated to the destruction of Alliance due to extreme one sided differences still prevailing the Alliance King Varian's mind. With this external provocation against the Horde Gug continued folding Horde initiates into its ranks. The tangled conflict of these super factions seemed to always be at odds with each other. Without faltering determination recruitment pressed onward, there was no desire for peace, just a Horde minded justice.

It was at this point the eventual new Strike Lord Jareff took the call to action. Of undead origin

With Arthas defeated Azeroth was not so far from conflict. A cataclysmic event would put more wood onto an already blazing fire. A new super power, a being of death was awakened. The Cataclysm would alter lands, forever changing the continents of Kalmindor and the Eastern Kingdoms. With this came new opportunities and obstructions regarding the Alliance versus Horde mentality. Geographically many lands were forcefully separated by obstacles that now scarred the landscape. Alliance and Horde battled and won over long contested territories. With the help of the city of the Undead the small town of Tarren Mill sline glossed over the Alliance town Southshore, making it inhabitable.





Battle fatigue is not all that foreign even for the most powerful Orcs. Strike Lord Gug decides to officially retire his duties. After much debate with a proven track record Warmaster Skuiizhi decided a cooperation between another Warmaster was required. With uncharted territory regarding new leadership, the decision was made to promote an active balance of the status quo of the relationship between the guild’s various ranked members. Although Skuiizhi was technically considered the main Strike Lord, a cooperation of services would be solidified into by laws with both Galavast and Skuiizhi holding the title of Warlords.