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What is the Horde Strike Force?

Horde Strike Force (HSF for short) is a Premier World Player-versus-Player Guild in the World of Warcraft universe. With a long and bloody history dating back to the beginnings of the Burning Crusade, the Horde Strike Force fights the War that prevails over all others, the War against the Alliance.

Dedicated to the destruction of the Alliance, the Horde Strike Force follows the vision of an ongoing war across the face of Azeroth and twisting nether establishments, including the depths of the Alliance homelands. No place is safe for the Alliance when the Horde Strike Force marches to war.

What Servers/Realms Does Horde Strike Force operate?

HSF currently operates on the realms: US-Maelstrom.

How long has Horde Strike Force been around?

The original guild, Horde Strike Force was founded on February 19, 2008 by Strike Lord Gug on the US-Maelstrom realm.

What sort of players make up Horde Strike Force?

HSF has a wide range of players from very casual to very hardcore. Many of our members joined to experience the unique style of play that we offer. Not many guilds do what we do. Some stay for a while and then leave, others stay on much longer.

What are the requirements for joining?

Requirements are based on the fluctuating needs of each guild. Although the requirements will gate some people being able to enter the guild, be aware this is to facilitate a greater overall experience for the rest of the players currently participating in the guild.

How do I join the Horde Strike Force?

Talk to us; find any member and they can direct you to somebody who can recruit you; it is very rare indeed that somebody is not around who is high enough rank to invite into the Guild.

I do not really mind the Alliance. Can I join the Strike Force?

Yes. You can, BUT it would probably be a bad idea. The fact is that we often do brutal and nasty Raids upon the Alliance, and often kill low level Alliance with no provocation at all; it's who we are. We ALWAYS trash-talk the Alliance, and any Alliance-Love shown in Guild is met with jeers and derision. Openly supporting the Alliance in the Strike Force is grounds for dismissal. Even if you don't mind everybody around you killing Alliance, you probably won't have much fun as almost everything we do has something to do with screwing the Alliance over. This is War, we take it seriously.

Do I have to stay active?

Yes. Being inactive for a long period (starts at a week and a half, goes for longer depending on your Rank in the Guild) gets you kicked for inactivity. If you become active again you'll be invited again, but will be kicked again should you become again inactive. Alts are not exempt from being kicked for inactivity.

How often do you guys do events?

We try to have events every day or every other day, sometimes, several in a single day. We are very active with very active members, and we are almost always up to something. It's almost unheard of that we'll go more than two days with no events.

What kinds of events do you guys do?

We are first and foremost a World Player-versus-Player (WPvP) Guild with Role Playing, competitive Rated Battlegrounds and Arenas, and organized Raiding elements, pretty much in that order. We are the true essence of a diverse Role Playing Player-versus-Player (RPPvP) realm/server. Our guild events reflect this; amongst the many World PvP events are scattered Roleplaying only events and Raids as well. We have regularly scheduled events that occur every week at around the same time, as well as a generous scattering of unique events that may only happen once. Our in-game Calendar is constantly being updated. Our events could be anything to a Zone-wide Patrol for Alliance, to assaults on specific towns or cities, bounty-hunter events, Storytelling events, Races from one area to another with gold prizes, dance competitions, premade Battlegrounds, a wide variety of top-tier and old school Raids, and the list goes on and on.

What makes Horde Strike Force unique in World-PvP?

World-PvP has limitless bounds for battle-minded people. Every battle is unique, and thus every experience is unique. What you do with PvP is only limited by your imagination, and many of our veteran members have learned to exploit this measure to bring full-scale warfare onto the opposing Alliance faction.

How does Horde Strike Force engage in Role Playing?

Role Playing is encouraged, but not required. Most of our World-PvP events are RP in nature. We start with a briefing, then march in formation through Orgrimmar. During battle we howl and shout and taunt our foes. When it's over, we get good and drunk. Some of our members like to stay in character at all times, but most save it for the events only. We do have RP storytelling events and gathering at inns that are much more RP in nature.

Do I have to Roleplay?

No. RP is optional and encouraged, but you are never forced to do it. You do have to be tolerant of those who do Roleplay however, and giving anybody a hard time or insulting anyone for Roleplaying is grounds for dismissal. Vise versa goes as well, if you Roleplay you have to be tolerant of those who do not...they are just as much a part of the Horde Strike Force as anyone. We have an out-of-character channel for non-WoW related conversation, which those who often talk about RL will be directed to should the need arise.

You mention Raiding. What do you guys Raid?

We raid fairly often, although somewhat irregularly. From Black Temple thru current top-tier, HSF has always had a small group of raiders running the most recent content. If you have specific raids you love, we have easy ways for you to start your own raids. There is almost always somebody down for a raid if you post on our calendar. While not focused on raiding, casual but good raiders who also love WPVP will find a good home with HSF.

Do you guys run Guildmates through content material or help members level?

Many members do, and sometimes we have events just for older more experienced members to run younger members through instances, but nobody is required to run anybody through anything. It depends on the individuals. Fortunately the Strike Force is full of helpful people.

So what do I HAVE to do as a Strike Force member?

Unlike many other guilds, we do not care about your gear (unless it's required for a specific event, a Raid for instance), your Roleplaying skill, your event participation (some events may be detrimental to your rank advancement should you not attend, but you will never be booted for not participating in events), or anything else really. Despite the way we may sound from these questions, we are very laid-back and let members go off and do their own thing (Except when they're participating in events). The only things you HAVE to do is keep a healthy dislike for the Alliance, be tolerant and friendly with your fellow Guildmates, and log on fairly often.