Our thanks to you, members of the Strike Force...

Strike Lord
Gug Jareff Skuiizhi
Domadon Galavast Madam Murokar Vanirin
Adralis Akunahei Azok Ceeno Chico
Dalgn Daeion Dcstatic Despa Despus
Dethzorg Galgaruk Garmaul Isãbellã Kiousu
Krzysztof Kreekor Marlokk Mïnkus Mysticlin
Necrotron Omniscient Puppytoes Thunderfoot Tiredsoul
Trecker Trennas Velgarr Xionos
Abatar Amanokage Aonghas Bammi Bloodelfrock
Bluesifer Bhudo Cercospora Cestuas Chipsanddips
Crazyleo Cryptic Cobrah Concon Dalgn
Dahkarr Danyia Demonyoso Dasilian Donlok
Drogo Dusted Dutak Erikxiv Fabregas
Funkyvoodoo Gahnji Globbersnot Gloryblaze Hextran
Hurm Hortzel Kagg Kardyl Kazeken
Kuroi Lelora Lightrain Lunchtime Melaroth
Mericus Moonfellow Namid Odinxiv Ondasnap
Pinyin Raoncle Ramulos Rakporn Rolt
Saelon Saralsia Starieyez Savo Selerodis
Sillero Skullburn Shadowdealer Sharlak Sneebs
Spadeheart Sombrus Sorraya Tagit Tiredsoul
Typhoeus Wreakin Valkery Ysidrae Zaltharas
Agnuss Aineturi Akauthen Aleninas Alistyr
Amadrino Anthdrena Aprilraine Asundor Atenix
Aurthius Audinthale Badorii Banlieu Bartles
Belteschazar Berschinator Beruum Blitzkrieged Bloodylace
Bubblesdepot Brythalas Blutrache Bogofbones Broscream
Cadre Callieach Chickfilay Cialis Cheatadin
Choppshtick Crysander Daarious Dcgowee Deltasangre
Dervish Deogee Destryka Dhagor Drazznoro
Drekoor Drogheda Dudes Elementoid Elexiah
Elfrana Emeraldtress Emiran Faenir Fatmanridin
Fiorellous Freshup Frgfrgtrg Frostbrewed Gafu
Galactic Galchobhar Galkov Goldendro Gomn
Goomoonryong Graurk Groknak Gutterschild Heartcutter
Highdps Hizzles Holyvodoo Hotaro Hraath
Hukdron Iaemil Icemon Illcutyou Infernallord
Ivanc Jabathahunta Jackburton Jaddia Jessejamesjr
Joshpointoh Kaelantha Kagurot Kagurth Kameyuki
Karashney Kaulen Kellinor Kelog Khrogun
Kilroxxiga Kraosis Kratos Kosomot Kuano
Kvote Kwanzi Kyz Letamor Lexes
Livetoraidd Malakaso Malusmortis Mathrider Medelyn
Medkit Megdar Melvaleria Metralleta Minaj
Mntbrrycrnch Monkeymonk Moonfellow Moowna Morthias
Muddywaters Mythrass Myrami Mzjackson Nazdoom
Nelladani Netherwind Noliena Nulrazan Opai
Ordean Paidblade Pooterella Priestair Raithh
Rapidfire Rawjmahal Redvahtrad Reepacheep Richrine
Rimali Rokkitt Rukk Ryzu Sarelsia
Sacraal Sacredsky Sajaglol Saltylemon Sargosiss
Seenis Selikes Shadowbrood Shackugun Shinobi
Sianalynn Sisyphus Skreil Skyless Sneebs
Snomox Solo Sonnee Souldefiler Splyph
Stinkboot Sunsworn Surda Taith Tallard
Tararu Tartan Teddylove Terrestial Terrordar
Tesnagar Thatorek Thegodd Thestreets Thundaga
Timlin Timmy Titanmon Toaal Tofusion
Tinian Turva Tyranilis Piraeus Popehat
Ugmuger Upset Uzavex Valillia Varghoss
Vitasserevi Vled Vythica Voodakhan Wafflefries
Wassa Ween Wyuli Wickedsticks Wittick
Yourwarhero Youses Yummyyums Zarilice Zazula
Zeffie Zelgale Zelgys Zukaass Zxzy

We do not guarentee this list to be complete or accurate. Ranks below Soldier are not listed. Records for leaving or guild kick are ommited from this public record according to in-game guild bylaws. The list also consists of alternate characters in additon to main characters, however association has been ommited from public record for privacy reasons. The list cumulates years worth of records of data that may have various inconsistencies, as such the data is not pulled from any live source. Please contact us at to make any corrections or if you like your name removed.

No Goodbyes, Only New Adventures

Hail to all members of the Horde Strike Force new and old.

As a collective letter to all members of the guild, we want to say it has been an honor and a privilege to serve with each one of you over the years. The integrity to learn and teach others against challenging odds. The commitment to your fellow guild mates that has created friendships that will last a lifetime. Finally the ambition to participate in something that is greater than one person, the admiration to reach farther than personal endeavors in order to hold acclaim amongst your guild mates. We can without a doubt conceded to you, the guild would not have survived without your determination to make it into a timeless memorial of passion and commandery.

It is amazing to think it has been over 9 years since we started on this journey together. We hope and believe the experience has had a lasting impression in your individual lives today and the years to come. We hope your next adventure will be as great as your last, but never forget the home from which you grew. But as the lines go “all good things must come to an end” and “progress must continue for the sake of progress”. We leave you on a final familiar note.

Lok’tar Ogar friend or foe

For the might of the Horde

For the Horde Strike Force